1. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Now it’s time to get back to work, but my imaginary bunny doesn’t want me to… -_-


  2. And yet another working weekend, very little time to enjoy the beginning of spring outside… I need some 48 hour days, please!

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  3. ♥ One of my favorite illustrators! ♥


    More Nemo drawing getting done. By this I mean Little Nemo. not Finding Nemo. Though of course we can find some Memos in here. Now to lunch break.

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  5. scientificillustration:

    Illustration from ‘About Bees’ by Rev. F. G. Jenyns

    Published 1886 by W. Gardner, Darton, & co. in London .  

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  6. Johan Thörnqvist
    Johan Thörnqvist
    Johan Thörnqvist
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  7. ♥ Gotta love a girl and her books ♥

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  8. A little sneak peek of my small studio space @ home (featuring my then recently acquired brand new collection of coloring pencils).

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  9. Still long hours before my weekend begins… Working hard to meet deadlines, getting really exhausted. Hopefully, wonderful things will turn up at the end.

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  10. #workinprogress: domes.

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  11. #workinprogress: mirror.

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  12. A collection of a few things to help me fight these rainy days blues, with stuff that remind me of always believing in Spring.

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  13. Some doodles on my sketchbook, with some of my favorite motifs: tea party madness and herbariums.

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  14. My chinese calligraphy brushes.

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  15. Sketchbook companions.

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